About us

About us

We are the Non-Profit Civil Association “TIAPARO”, we have a PRIVATE CONSERVATION AREA OF MORE THAN 1,100.00 HECTARES, by our own initiative, and the efforts of the Zavaleta Rodríguez family, we have voluntarily assumed the commitment to conserve the biological diversity of our property.

The mother of the family: Dina Hannet Rodríguez from Onton began more than 40 years ago with sustainable cultivation practices and ecological, organic or biological agriculture based on the optimal use of natural resources, compatible with the ecosystem without using synthetic products or genetically modified organisms, manages in this way to respect the environment and preserve the fertility of the land, and obtains organic, healthy and high quality food.

Seeing the generosity of the land and giving it both food and fruits and vegetables, the mother of the family began a new adventure, that of making pickles, dehydrated foods and jams, she prepared herself, took courses and now shares this new activity with everyone who can visit us.


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    The non-profit TIAPARO Association is dedicated to scientific research studies on flora and fauna.


    Sector de Tiaparo, distrito de Ollantaytambo, provincia de Urubamba, Cusco


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